The SMB Guide to Video Marketing with Youtube

11 Aug, 2021

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Why Your Business Should Be Video Marketing with Youtube

On almost every digital marketing trends list, posted in the last decade, you will find at least one section stating that video marketing is ‘the future of Digital Marketing’. Despite the growth of other mediums like podcasts, continued growth in the importance of video marketing through Youtube is undeniable.

In this article, you will learn why video marketing on Youtube has superseded many traditional video-oriented marketing practices. You will also find out why you should consider doing video marketing through Youtube to promote your business.


Youtube Video Marketing: TV's Natural Successor 

Twenty years ago prime-time TV advertising was the pinnacle of marketing – not anymore – consumer habits have changed, audiences are split: watching hundreds of channels, on-demand,  and many are avoiding adverts altogether with streaming platforms like Netflix.

This means that TV is no longer the safest bet for reaching a mass audience. Admittedly, some major brands do still spend big money on TV ads for major television events such as the Superbowl. But the value of these high-profile ads often comes from people watching and sharing them on Youtube after the event.



In the modern digital age, Youtube is arguably the best platform for targeting a broad audience with video marketing. 74% of adults in the U.S use Youtube, The channel has become the #1 entertainment platform in the UK.  Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram also have millions of active users but each platform’s audience tends to skew towards certain age demographics. For instance, only 2.5% of Instagram users are over 65 and a quarter of all Tiktok users are 19 or under. Youtube has a much wider distribution of users across all age groups 

You will still find some major corporations using video marketing on Youtube in a similar way to how they did on television but this is only scratching the surface of the platform’s potential for more nuanced and targeted video marketing campaigns.

Video marketing with Youtube offers many new and interesting ways to market small businesses that are more affordable and effective than conventional TV ads. The rest of this article will show you the different ways businesses of all sizes can use Youtube for effective video marketing – to attract more customers and sales.

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How Any Business Can Do Youtube Video Marketing

The price and knowledge barrier has always prevented a lot of smaller businesses from doing TV advertising, before we even talk about the cost of running TV ads, the ad itself must be made. TV ads have always been more expensive to make, and they always come with the added pressure of having to follow and compete with other ads.

In contrast, the cost of producing video marketing content on Youtube is affordable to all businesses. Major technological progress has helped with this: These days a decent camera and microphone can be found for hundreds not thousands, and there is lots of low-cost easy-to-use video editing software out there. Many Youtube marketers have success making videos with their iPhones




Targeting Video Ads On Youtube

Then when it comes to targeting and launching Youtube ads, video marketing on Youtube can be done on a pay-per-click basis. Instead of having to pay a huge amount of money upfront to run ads, marketers can launch ads with a budget of a few dollars to see what results they get. It’s important to remember that Youtube is owned by Google. This means that the quality of the user data the platform has for video marketing, such as ad Groups, is second to none.

Businesses can launch ads targeted at specific types of people in specific locations who are interested in your products or topics related to them. Youtube also creates and offers marketing profiles on the types of audiences who are likely to be interested in your products. All of these options make targeting ads more affordable, effective, and measurable than the TV ads of old.


Video Marketing For Multi-Channel Engagement

Video marketing through Youtube is a channel that businesses, who sell their products to kids and teenagers, must utilize. Younger audiences expect video content. In many cases, they are just as likely to look a new product up on Youtube as they are on Google. But even if you market to older generations there is something intrinsically engaging about moving images.

Also, just because your videos start on Youtube – doesn’t mean that’s the only place where they will be seen. Youtube can be used as a great hub for your video marketing content that you can then share on your social media profiles and embed on the pages of your website.

Video is often used on websites to engage the user when they first arrive as well as being a great way of breaking up text. Modern readers don’t like to read large blocks of text. Embedding videos is a great way of keeping them engaged and interested. In case you hadn’t noticed Youtube videos are embedded throughout this article, and you managed to read this far so, they must be doing something right.



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Youtube Video Marketing Boost Your Site’s SEO

Embedding Youtube videos on your site rather than hosting them yourself, is a great way of speeding up load times whilst ensuring your content stays engaging. Which is key for SEO. This is not the only way to boost your SEO rankings with video marketing.

Video marketing is also a great way of driving traffic to your website. Creating Youtube channels for your business and posting videos that are valuable and interesting to your target audience, with links in your descriptions to relevant products and pages on your website is a great way of bringing engaged and interested customers to your website. This is good for  SEO because these visitors are going to take the time to look at your website and its products. Getting lots of visitors visiting your website and spending a lot of time on it is great for your SEO rankings as well as your sales.

SMB TIP 6 Steps for Setting Up A Successful Youtube Channel


  1. Conduct keywords and trend research  for content ideas using Google Trends, it has a Youtube section here, and keyword tools like those found in rankingCoach FREE
  2. Create video content based around these keywords
  3. Create and post your videos on a keyword optimized channel,
  4. Ensure all the keywords you are targeting are featured on your channel and video descriptions
  5. Make sure your channel links to your website and relevant product pages
  6. As you create more videos be sure to link and refer to them in other relevant videos you make.
  7. Don’t be scared to ask your audience to subscribe.


Engaging Customers With Youtube Video Marketing

Many small businesses offer products that have a community of enthusiasts interested in discussing how to get the best out of your products. If you are fortunate enough to offer products that have their own community, creating your own Youtube channel to keep customers and hobbyists up to date will engage these loyal customers and ensure they keep your products in mind next time they feel like upgrading Crimson Guitars have engaging Youtube video content. Their video inviting people inside their custom guitars workshop builds a connection with their audience as well as cementing the idea that their custom guitars are made by real, likable, experts.



Video Marketing to Help & Attract Customers

It’s not just the younger generation who use Youtube like a search engine. We all do when we need some help or instructions that are best represented visually. Form great vegetarian recipes to tips for how to iron a shirt properly. The videos offering helpful solutions to these kinds of questions are almost certainly selling products related to them.

This is a classic content marketing strategy and best of all a short video of you explaining how to use your products to solve a problem doesn’t necessarily have to be big budget. A steady camera, clear picture, and reasonable quality audio are enough, just make sure the tips you give are genuinely helpful.

To get the most out of this strategy it is vital that videos include a clearly visible link to the content owner’s website. On videos with millions of views, it only takes a small proportion of viewers to get curious and click on this link to really boost a site’s traffic.

Think about the problems your products solve as well as common problems people have with products in your industry. For instance, The Rider Surf Shop has a video tutorial on how to wax a surfboard. This is helpful and a great chance to show off the surf shop’s products.



A Great Example of Youtube Marketing

Jamie Oliver is a global celebrity and major brand. His career began before Youtube even existed. His savvy use of Youtube video marketing is a key reason why his brand has continued to grow in the internet age.

His Youtube channel is a textbook example of how to do video marketing on Youtube. He offers useful solutions and recipes which cater to what people are actually searching for, such as ‘how to make scrambled eggs?’ - this may not seem like the sort of thing a chef should be making recipe videos about but it's clever Youtube SEO.

Despite being a major international brand, his videos are neither big budget nor complicated to make. It’s just one man with a camera sharing his passion for cooking (conveniently linked to his products) offering useful advice that people want to share and follow.  

Yet at the same time, these videos are also clearly targeted for generating traffic and sales on his website. Jamie’s 5.4 million followers don’t have any problems with his product placement, promoting his cookware and books throughout his videos, along with the links to his website in the description, because these resources are useful: He has earned his audience's goodwill by offering great Youtube video content.

Modern marketing is more often about genuine passions and actually helpful tips. If you take on board the tips in this article along with a little inspiration from Jamie, you will have everything you need to do Youtube video marketing. If it’s not for you, at the very least you have a few more new ways to cook scrambled eggs.



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