Unlock your website's content potential: 5 proven hacks for maximum impact!

13 Oct, 2023

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Feel like you're in a never-ending cycle of creating new content? Hold up! Your next big hit could be something you've already crafted. This article outlines 5 effective strategies to convert your most successful content into impactful and compelling assets. Time to achieve more with less effort!

1. Find your best content: What's already working for you

Remarkably, 5% of blog posts pull in 95% of online traffic. If your content is among this 5%, it’s prime for repurposing. Start by diving into your analytics. Use Google Analytics or social media metrics to find your best-performing content. 

Don't just rely on page views. Look at:

  • Session duration: Longer time on a page usually signals higher-quality content. Over 2 minutes? You've got a winner.
  • Social shares: Posts that are shared extensively, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, are ideal candidates for webinars.
  • User engagement: Comments and questions mean you’ve hit a nerve; think about this for sequel content.
  • Conversion rate: If users are taking action—buying, signing up—you're on the right track. Repurpose it to milk its benefits further. 

2. Pick the right format: Turn blogs into videos, charts, and more

Once you've pinpointed your best-performing content, the next step is to determine its new format. Factors to consider include:

  • Content type: Each format aligns differently with various platforms—infographics may excel on Instagram, while in-depth pieces are often better suited for LinkedIn. 
  • Business goals: If SEO is your aim, a revised blog post with updated keywords can do wonders. For lead generation, turning the article into a downloadable eBook or a gated webinar can provide high-value content in exchange for email addresses.
  • Resource availability: Ensure you have the technical capabilities to produce the content in the chosen format. Video editing software like Canva or Lightworks can make this transition easier.
  • Trend awareness: Stay updated with what's trending. For instance, if short videos are popular, your in-depth article might just become a hit TikTok series.
  • Test and learn: Experimentation can reveal surprising insights. Try running an A/B test with different formats—perhaps one as an eBook and another as a series of instructional emails. You never know which format might click with your audience.

3. Adapt for each platform: Make one piece work everywhere

Repurposing doesn't mean mere duplication. It's crucial to adapt your content to its new form and intended audience. Here are ways to make your content fit its new format:

  • Choose platforms wisely: LinkedIn and industry-specific forums may be better for B2B services, while Instagram and Facebook are great for consumer-focused businesses like bakeries.
  • Customize content: A video tutorial might be perfect for YouTube, but an aesthetic image of the final product could do better on Instagram.
  • Timing: Use scheduling tools to post at high-engagement times.
  • Engagement: Always reply to comments or queries within a 24-hour window to keep the buzz alive.
  • Analyze and adapt: Use the analytics data to tweak your strategy as required.

4. Share everywhere: Get your content in front of more eyes

Instead of confining your articles or videos to a single outlet, leverage various platforms to get your message across. Here are 5 proven tips to get you started: 

  • Pick key platforms: For a B2B service, LinkedIn and industry-specific forums might be more effective than Instagram. A local bakery, on the other hand, could focus on Instagram and Facebook to display their goods. 
  • Tailor content: If you sell handmade crafts, a step-by-step video on how you create a popular item can be great for YouTube, while a beautifully finished product photo will shine on Instagram.
  • Optimal timing: Utilize tools like Hootsuite to post during high-traffic times. For many businesses, weekends might yield better engagement. 
  • Stay engaged: If someone comments on your Facebook post, reply within 24 hours to keep the conversation going and increase your post's visibility.
  • Review and adjust: Use analytics to determine which platforms drive the most traffic to your site, helping you reallocate effort as needed.

5. Measure Success: Know what to look for in your data

Assessing your repurposed content is crucial for fine-tuning future strategies. Here's how to do it effectively:

  • Pinpoint traffic sources: Use analytics to see where your audience is coming from. If LinkedIn is generating a lot of traffic, consider focusing more efforts there.
  • Check user engagement: Look at metrics like average time spent on your content and click-through rates. These figures indicate not just interest but also potential for further interaction.
  • Conversions: Monitor actions like newsletter sign-ups or purchases to see if your content is effectively driving the desired behavior.
  • Cost vs. benefit: Balance the resources spent in repurposing against the tangible benefits like lead generation or sales.
  • User feedback: Pay attention to comments and social shares as these provide qualitative insights that can help refine your strategy.
  • SEO performance: Keep an eye on your search engine rankings. If you're climbing, it's a good indicator that your SEO efforts are paying off.
  • Social shares: High numbers here mean your content resonates well, and you can analyze this by platform for more specific insights.
  • Revenue link: Where possible, connect your content's performance directly to revenue or ROI. Use tracking codes to follow this customer journey from content to conversion points.

Maximizing your content's impact is not a one-time event; it's a continuous process of improvement and reapplication. Don't let your best work gather digital dust. Give it a new life and make your content efforts count double. 

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