How can I use Google Trends for my keyword research?

24 Feb, 2021

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When you have a business of any kind, it is not always easy to put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer, simply because it’s often not your main concern. You’re already constantly working on improving your product or service. To then change perspective and think about how to reach your customer online is challenging. Questions like how they can find you and how you get your page to appear in customer’s search results can be hard to answer, especially if you are not a marketing expert. Fortunately, there are many free tools that can be of help here. One of them, Google Trends, will be introduced in this article. 

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What exactly is Google Trends?

Google Trends is an online platform created and managed by Google that provides real-time information about current trending topics and trending topics over time. Google can provide this kind of information because all data entered in their search engine is constantly stored and analyzed. So, every time you enter a Keyword in Google you help to increase the Google database. When you enter a search term in the tool, you will get many results. The results are put in relation to the total search volume and are available for the entire world or individual regions. Google Trends can be used to analyze the popularity of individual terms over time, so you can draw conclusions on what concerns society at present, in the past, or maybe even in the future.

How to use the Google Trends Tool

Google Trends is very simple and fast to use. You enter your search term and get trending results for the region you entered, you can also see related topics and queries. Make sure to change the time span, so you can see how it developed as well! If you are in doubt about whether you should use this keyword instead of another, you can also compare them and have a look at different spellings for the same search term. 

If you open the homepage, you will see the topics that the world is searching for right now.


You can filter by category and by country and find out what is searched for and how much, also showing you the search volume development. You can explore an endless range of topics. The tool provides many filters as well, for example, time periods, country, the origin of the search (web search, image search, google shopping, YouTube, etc.).


How does Google Trends help me with my website?  

When creating your website there are many things to consider, but one essential is to include keywords for SEO purposes. Of course, these should reflect your business, but they must also be adapted to what potential customers are typing into search engines. It is therefore beneficial to have a rough idea of what Internet users are generally interested in and, above all, what they generally enter into search engines. With Google Trends, you get very general information, but you can dig deeper to get more out of it. 

Google Trends is often used to explore and validate the potential of a business idea or certain niche products. If you already have a business, however, you can still use this tool, as it provides a lot of detailed information about keywords.

You should always research before just using random keywords. Make sure that your idea has real potential, by using this free Google tool, that will save you time and effort! Additionally, researching will help you to create confidence and overcome doubts. When you use this tool for your website you can start by entering different keywords and combinations of search terms that are related to your business. If you already chose keywords, this will give you a realistic idea of whether your keywords are cleverly chosen or need to be adjusted.

If you enter a specific term, you can explore how popular a term is and compare how the popularity differs when you change the spelling. Whether you write a term with or without a hyphen, for example. Even if this sounds quite mundane, little things like this can make a big difference in whether or not you drive traffic to your website with the keywords you use. 

So whether you need to find the best possible keywords for your SEO task or for creating your website’s content, Google Trends will always provide up-to-date information to reach the highest possible number of visitors. 

Of course, there is much more to do and consider when creating a website apart from keyword research. In addition to SEO, you should also make sure that your company is listed in local directories. Google Ads is also always a great way to reach customers at the exact moment they are searching. All this and more is covered in the rankingCoach application. 

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