Google Now Sending Notifications for GMB Listing Suspensions

29 Jul, 2020

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Many local businesses may  have had this issue already: You check your website traffic and get a shock! There’s been a major drop in visitors but haven't changed anything on your website. Eventually you find the reason: your GMB Listing was suspended but you didn’t know about it.

Cases like this are terrible for local business owners because until now, no one was telling these businesses that their Google My Business listing had been suspended. The only way to find out about it was to login into their GMB account. This Meant that if you didn’t use GMB on a daily basis, this kind of issue could really take you by surprise.

But finally there has been a change! After a new European law went into effect, Google will start globally sending email notifications to all GMB customers that have a suspended GMB listing. This is great news for all SMB's. Now if something happens to your listing, you can start getting it back online from minute one.

The only sour point is that Google will not tell users why their listing has been suspended, so users need to work this out themselves: usually there is a logical reason for a listing suspension. You can start by checking the Guidelines for representing your business on Google and making sure that your listing complies with them. The most common issues are name and address errors. If you fix these, your listing will come back on GMB within 3 days. If you can't find any errors in your data there is also the possibility that the suspension was due to an error. In this case you can fill out and send a Google My Business local business reinstatement request to let Google know that you have an issue. I cases where Google has made the error they can check, fix the issue, and reinstate your listing within 3 days.

We hope you never have this issue, but if you do, we hope the article helps.The rankingCoach blog always keeps you up to date with all the most important Digital Marketing news and tips.You can learn about how and why you can integrate Google My Business  into rankingCoach here. 

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