Fantastic Backlinks and Where to Find Them

27 Sep, 2018

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Fantastic Backlinks and Where to Find Them

Any hyperlink to a different website where you can find more information on that specific topic is what is called a backlink. How having backlinks that redirect customers to your website relates to your SERP position is that it gives the search engine’s bots more to crawl over when looking at your webpage. Moreover, having many links connecting back to your web page increases your reputation in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

The most common way to build links is through blogs, doesn't necessarily mean making your own (although that is never a bad thing). Through the act of guest writing, you can include a link to your page, being found on many websites across the web and boosting your visibility as a result. Taking advantage of this you have the chance to leave a backlink in text, benefitting your page immensely.

Of course, when writing for a blog as a guest, you shouldn’t do it solely for the link back to your own website. There is a chance that someone will read the blog post you’ve written, making these types of posts perfect for brand awareness! It doesn’t have to be as detailed as the information on your own website and literature, but it should make the reader interested enough to learn more. This will generate prospective customers and improve your SEO at the same time.

One of the more important things to do when getting links from other webpages is to reciprocate. When dealing with different influencers it is pertinent that you share the metaphorical wealth. Always taking will not get your rankings to the top as fast or efficiently as building relationships with various people of the same industry.

Now this isn’t something that should be done on a constant basis with the same web pages, but rather spreading it out will help attain the best results. Having multiple relationships where articles and videos can be shared over time to generate links is the greatest way to approach creating brand awareness.

Another way to develop more backlinks is by making quality content that people will want to share.  Such content could potentially be shared consistently five years after its original publication. This is unlikely but happens sometimes, generally it is because the content is revolutionary to the topic/industry. This applies to both the content on your own website or blog, and to the content you have written for others.

This is definitely the most laid-back way to achieve results by using backlinks. Since the content created for your own website should be constantly under development anyways. It does help to give this a nudge in the right direction, by maybe posting it in forums/discussions or even on social media.

When doing research about backlinks you might come across the term “deep link”.  , this is similar but not exactly the same. Deep links are indeed a form of hyperlink, but are a more specific type that is also beneficial to SEO in a different way. The way a backlink is mainly used is to direct traffic from one website to another’s homepage. A deep link however redirects it to a subpage with more desired information.

This type of backlink is in our opinion the most fantastic one you could get, not only increasing your homepage’s SEO, but the overall visibility of your website. This way you can be found with more targeted searches, providing more specific content.

Make sure to use this information to perfect your optimization and get on top!

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