Digital Marketing Tips of The Month December

02 Dec, 2019

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Tips of The Month

Here we go again, it's time for your rundown of the best tips and tricks for digital marketing shared last month on rankingCoach's social media channels

1# Only link to other websites with relevant content to make your site more valuable as a source

This is important advice for anyone searching for other websites to build link exchange with: look for industries linked to yours. This is important for two reasons: first, this means that people reading your content on the exchange website will have a genuine interest in your product and they will be much more likely to click on the link to your website.  Second, It will improve Google's evaluation of your website's authority in its area of specialization.   

2# Social media platforms can also help with SEO

Social Media is especially good for supporting content marketing strategies. It can be used to draw customers' attention to your latest posts. This will bring traffic to your website. Customers may also discover your brand and site through friends and colleagues who have already connected with your channels.

3# Don't panic, SEO takes time! Work continuously on your website and the rankings will come

It's important to understand the differences between paid ads and SEO in terms of the time it takes for each to have its full impact:  Paid ads can appear on search engines within hours, but they only stay there as long as the marketer keeps paying. On the other hand, SEO is about building up a website's traffic, authority and accessibility. The full impact of these activities can take months to have full effect, but the advantages last much longer and do not require continuous direct payment to be maintained. 

4# Keep your pages up to date so your visitors know the latest news and Google will appreciate it!

Keeping your website's content fresh will keep your visitors happy. This means that they will spend more time on your website. This is good for your rankings. The frequency of your content posts is also a ranking factor, so just the act of regularly posting quality content will directly help your rankings. 

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