Concentrate Your Efforts on Local SEO!

22 Feb, 2019

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If you are working on the website of a physical business, local SEO is the key to opening the doors of success. By working on this very important aspect of online marketing, you will be able to attract more and more clients to your business or company, making
your brand is known by a very large and varied community.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is all of the techniques aimed at optimizing the website of a business or company, taking into account its geographical location and giving it greater relevance. Making it so that the website of a company with physical headquarters in a determined place appears in the first results for searches in this area when products and services that the company offers are searched.

For example, if you have a restaurant in the center of London, you should optimize your website that it appears among the main Google results for searches to "restaurant London center" or "restaurants in the center of London". Not only will you gain more traffic on your website, your business will also become known by people who didn't even realize it existed.

Why is Local SEO so Important?

The truth is that consumer habits are changing and businesses must adapt to these new behaviors in order to benefit. On one hand, it must be taken into account that many businesses with a physical store also have an online shop for selling their products online. Allowing greater convenience for already existing customers and also offering the possibility of attracting new buyers who did not know the company.

On the other hand, many internet users look for a store on the web before physically going there. For example, if someone wants to cut their hair in Paris and doesn't know the city, it is possible to search for "hairdressers Paris" on Google. Most likely this person will end up cutting his or her hair at one of the hairdressers suggested in the first few Google results. If you were a hairdresser in Paris, and you did not have your Local SEO optimized, you would, therefore, be losing a potential client.

How do You Use Local SEO?

In order to use local SEO it is important to focus both on optimizing the content of your website for keywords related to your geographical location, and by creating and updating the profiles of your business in online directories. For this, there are applications such as rankingCoach and listingCoach that will help guide you step by step.

rankingCoach helps you appear in all local directories relevant to your industry. These are the online versions of the classic yellow pages where the addresses of all the businesses in the city were listed. Depending on the industry, there are specific directories that are used and rankingCoach provides links so you can create your profile in them.

However, among all the directories the giant Google My Business stands out. It is very important to create and regularly update your profile in this directory. Thanks to this you will be able to have your business or shop appear on Google Maps and even a card with great visibility on the top of searches is shown. 

To complement the functions of the standard version of rankingCoach in regards to local SEO, there is a software dedicated to this called listingCoach. With listingCoach, you can manage all your local directory profiles from a singular control panel. listingCoach synchronizes your directory profiles and allows you to manage them immediately with the utmost convenience. In addition, this improved app also allows you to respond and manage the comments and criticisms your business may be receiving all from one place.

In short, local SEO is very important for most small businesses, and the complementary platforms rankingCoach and listingCoach are a great way to get started.

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