AI keyword research: How to dominate Google's first page better and faster

27 Oct, 2023

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"If you're not on Google's first page, you're basically a ghost." Let this sink in: 75% of users don't scroll past the first page of search results. Being there is crucial, and keyword research is your ticket. These are the terms that align your content with what people are actively looking for, a key element that Google uses for ranking. 

While keyword research has always been a pillar of search engine optimization (SEO), Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now revolutionizing it by making the process faster, more accurate, and incredibly efficient

1. What is artificial intelligence (AI) keyword research? 

Traditionally, keyword research involves manual processes: Scanning data, analyzing trends, and using intuition to identify keywords that might resonate with your target customers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) changes this entirely. 

AI keyword research automates the process of identifying effective search terms, using algorithms to analyze real-time data, competitor performance, and user behavior. This technology offers a quicker and more accurate way to select keywords that can elevate your visibility on Google's first page. 

2. How can artificial intelligence benefit keyword research?

Speed and efficiency

Manual keyword research is a labor-intensive process that can consume significant time and resources. It requires manual effort to dig into data and analyze search trends, often delaying the execution of important SEO strategies

AI dramatically speeds up this process by analyzing massive datasets rapidly, enabling faster decision-making and strategy implementation. In essence, tasks that would take humans hours or even days are completed by AI in mere seconds.

Precision and accuracy

While manual research might produce generic or broad keywords like “best bread” for a bakery business, AI employs real-time data, current search trends, and competitor analysis to identify highly effective and specific keywords such as "organic sourdough near me" or "gluten-free cakes online," which are more aligned with current customer demands, substantially increasing your chance of landing on Google's first page.


AI can transform your keyword strategy to dominate Google's first page

3. How to choose the right AI keyword research tool

Selecting the ideal AI keyword research tool can be a challenging task, but it's crucial for enhancing your SEO strategy and business growth. So how do you find the perfect fit? 

  • Your business stage and objectives: Assess your business's current stage and goals; whether you're a startup seeking visibility or an established player aiming to maintain your edge, this will shape your keyword strategy. Additionally, your industry and target audience will influence search patterns. 
  • Features and capabilities: Prioritize tools that deliver speed, ease of use, and insights into both local and global trends. Check for competitor analysis features, and don't opt for a tool just because it's inexpensive—make sure it offers real value for your business.
  • Reviews: Check industry-relevant reviews and seek recommendations from your industry peers. These insights offer a comprehensive understanding of the tool's reliability and effectiveness. 
  • Trial periods or free versions: Take advantage of any trial periods or free versions available. This allows you to directly interact with the tool's interface and test its functionalities, giving you a clear idea of whether it suits your specific business needs.

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4. Finding the best keywords with rankingCoach's AI keyword suggestions 

At rankingCoach, we are committed to continual innovation to deliver greater value to our customers. We are thrilled to introduce our latest AI-powered innovation: AI Keyword Suggestions. 

This handy feature comes into play during the final phase of our streamlined onboarding process. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, it auto-generates a list of targeted keywords tailored to align with your specific business goals and competitive landscape. 

The option to review and modify these AI-curated keywords provides additional control. Not merely a time-saving approach, this feature serves as a strategic tool that allows businesses to gain a competitive advantage in SEO rankings, thereby driving better traffic and revenue. 

And this is just the beginning—rankingCoach has plans for further AI-based features, including an even more streamlined one-click onboarding, auto-optimized business categories, and a revamped summary page to bring focus to the most crucial data. 

Ready to get ahead in the SEO race? 

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