Youtube SEO: Topics and Video Titles for More Views and Followers!

12 Jun, 2020

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More and more SMBs are moving into video content. Here are some tips for optimizing your video content to get more clicks

5 Key Youtube SEO considerations 

1) Remember Youtube is owned by Google and its search functions in a similar way

2) Find ways to link your video to a topic people are searching for

3) SEO is not about impressing users with overly complex language customers don’t know

4) Video titles and description should be written in the users' language to make sure a video is found 

5) Make sure that every problem your video helps solve is described in its title and description, so that users looking for a solution to these problems can find it

Creating the best Video Title for Youtube SEO

Pick a topic choice with clear and obvious appeal to potential customers, to expand its reach we need to simplify and expand the appeal of the language so that the maximum number of people can find it.

  • The title is the most important part

  • What are the one or two keywords we are going for with our title?

  • Are these the best keywords we can use?

  • Youtube titles should not be longer than 66 characters long (including spaces) 

5 key consideration for Youtube SEO

1) Is there anything not helpful for search in the title that could be moved into the description?

2) e.g do we need the name of the person in the title if no one knows who they are? Can we put this in the description instead? 

3) If you are not sure, ask yourself is anyone going to type this into youtube? if you’re not sure checkout Google trends and rankingCoach keyword finder

4) What are the one or two keywords we are targeting with our title?

5) Small changes to key terms can make a big difference, play around with words in keyword tools to make sure you have the best version of a term

Expanding the appeal of your videos


1) Who is it for? 

is this the only audience who might find it interesting can we expand the audience? 

  • We need 2 or 3 phrases in the title as well as many in the description as possible that fit the content 

  • The title must still make sense and draw clicks. It should be no longer than 66 characters long (including spaces)  

  • The title must make you want to click on the video 

  • The description shouldn’t be nonsense keyword spam but people aren’t as likely to read all of it so you can load a few more keywords in ther


2) What keywords are similar high ranking videos using


Take a look at the videos that rank for the title of our piece when we type it into Youtube

  • Is this the audience we want?

  • Are these videos successful? 

  • What’s the time frame for their click numbers?

  • Are there better videos to be linked to?

  • Repeat process with other terms 

  • We are not a major brand so the vast majority of our views will come from search?

 3) How will they find it? 

To get the perfect word choices you need to make sure that each phrase is optimized 

  • Simplify the language so it mirrors the average word choices of a Youtube user

  • Remember these searches often come in the form of a question 

  • Answer that question in our title and ask that question in the description

  • Check key terms with

  • Google trends  

  • rankingCoach keyword feature

  • Make keyword part of future content ideas creation and planning

4) Why does that term need to be in the title?

Beware of highly competitive terms like Digital Marketing, smartphones, business, add a longtail to your phrase so that it:

  • Create too much needless competition 

  • Isn’t too specialised for the target audience most target audiences are not experts so they may not use industry terms in content targeting those audiences 

  • Complex Industry terms can be used sparingly in the description to provide a sense of professionalism but with most businesses bamboozling the customer isn’t the objective

  • Unless it's a video explaining a  trending buzzword

Who? What? How? And Why of Youtube SEO

1) Who? 

Think about your audience: create a description and title that solves a problem users might ask Youtube to answer. Pick keywords that aren’t too narrow or broad 

2) What?

 Check out the competition 

  • Make sure your video is chasing the right audience, especially if it’s chasing an established trend and video subject

  • Get ideas from good videos and their descriptions

3) How

 Will the user find it?.Hone your keywords with Google trends and rankingCoach keyword tools

4) Why?

Make sure that all the terms in the title are there for a reason, why does each word need to be there? If it doesn’t mirror the language of the user or link to a problem or solution they are looking for it probably shouldn’t be there. 

We hope this article helps you to get more views and followers 

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