Youtube SEO: Topics and Video Titles for More Views and Followers!

22 Nov, 2021

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Below the surface of Youtube is a search engine guiding users in the direction of content that matches their needs and interests. This means that many of the techniques used in SEO for search engines can be used to get more views and site traffic from video content you use to promote your business. In this article, you will get some great tips for creating SEO-friendly Youtube videos so you can maximize the value of your video marketing activities – hence the name Youtube SEO


Choosing A Video Topic That Will Get Views 

You could just be interested in doing video marketing because you’ve heard it’s important, or you may already have an appealing idea for a topic you want to cover. Either way, you shouldn’t choose the final topic and title for your video until you have done some audience research. As with SEO on search engines, keyword research should play a big role in Youtube SEO. The topic for your videos needs to be built around a keyword phrase your potential customers are actually searching for. 

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The Youtube Video Profile 

One type of video that often works well for brick-and-mortar stores such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels is the quick tour. These videos don’t need to be long; In fact, they should give viewers a positive first impression of your store business within the first 10 seconds of the video. People don’t wait around to find what they are looking for, only Youtube videos. 

In the video’s titles and description, you should have your company name and the key location keywords that customers may be typing into to find it. More and more consumers are searching businesses on Youtube to find out if it’s worth the visit. Having a video like this can offer customers that extra connection they need to try your business for the first time. 

A great example of this type of look inside the video is this one below from Hart’s Bakery in Bristol, UK. The video offers an appealing inside look as well as building a personal connection with the owner of the business. It also includes the business’s keyword location in the description ‘under the arches outside Bristol Temple Meade Station‘.  Clearly, this business is looking to optimize for ‘bakery Bristol Temple Meade Station and this video is helping with that.  



Using Search Habits for Youtube SEO

It’s important to remember that many customers will find your videos through the Google image search results, so a great way to maximize the appeal of your videos to searchers is to base the topic on keywords that customers are already searching for on Google.

To do this you need a keyword tool that includes the keyword volume for the region where you do business. rankingCoach FREE  offers free keyword research tools that include search volume data directly from Google. This is especially helpful for SMBs looking to do Youtube SEO. 

Keyword tools can help small businesses to come up with video topics that will attract clicks. For instance, an online music store could use these keywords tools to find which guitars customers are looking for and create video content based on it. We can see that fender guitars and Fender Strats are both search terms with a high search volume in the UK



So it makes perfect sense that UK based guitar store would be demoing Fender Strats in a video with over a million views. 




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Building your video’s topic descriptions and title around keywords that searchers are using will maximize its chances of reaching a larger target audience. Be sure to type the keywords you find into Youtube to check the view numbers for the other videos that appear in the results for that term. 

Basing Videos On Trends

Another excellent free Youtube SEO tool for increasing the appeal of your videos. that many people Google Trends. Most people know that Google Trends can be used for search engine trend analysis but not everyone realizes that it also offers the option of viewing trends in the Youtube search results

Just typing a phrase into Google Trends with the settings on Youtube will let you know if there are any kind of trends linked to that phrase and which countries it is most popular for. If you get no information on your phrase look into breaking it down into shorter phrases.

If you still get nothing then consider other topics as a phrase with no trends at all isn’t going to be attracting many clicks on Youtube. Google Trends can be a great tool for identifying video topics that are growing in popularity but it doesn’t offer actual search figures so be sure to combine these insights with real search numbers found in search tools like rankingCoach FREE



Competitor Analysis for Youtube SEO

Competitor analysis is another tactic from SEO that can really help with Youtube SEO. Check the videos of your biggest competitors on Youtube, especially their videos with high viewer numbers. Look at their video names and descriptions and consider them as potential topics for your own video content.

Competitor analysis is also a great way of checking the potential value of your own ideas. If you already have a potential title for your video, search that title on Youtube and see what other videos come up.

Pay close attention to the names and other descriptions of other high rankings videos. On the other hand, if all the videos returned in the results have a very low search volume or don’t seem to be linked to your potential title at all, explore other titles and content ideas. 

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Building SEO Youtube Content Around A Question

A great way to create a video for promoting the products you offer is to find topic customers need help with that are linked to your products and services and create a video and appealing video that provides help in this area.

For instance, US-based, Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design have seen that many people are looking for ‘small landscape design ideas for their gardens’. Clearly, this is an area the company can help with. By offering a video with free tips in this area they gain the attention of a group of people who are likely to be interested in their services. 



Turning your Youtube Video Topic into A Title 

It’s important that once you have a concept for your video that you create a title that makes searchers want to click on it as well as featuring these keywords in it prominently. SEO is not about impressing users with overly complex language customers don’t know. Video titles and descriptions should be mostly written with the words searchers are actually using.

To expand the reach of your Youtube video title we often need to simplify and expand the appeal of the language. Try and get at least one or even two keyword phrases in the title but make sure that your Youtube video title is not longer than 66 characters long (including spaces) 


Youtube SEO Video Description Tips 

Only the top few lines of a video description will play a role in making users click on your video. This means that there is plenty of space lower down in the video description for keywords. Make sure your video description includes any questions your video answers as these are likely to be questions searched by Youtube along with keywords.

Any info that Youtube users may be looking for either needs to be mentioned in or your title or description. Don’t be scared to write a long description. Some marketers even make the description into a transcript of what is said in the video to make sure that the keywords mentioned in the video are in there.  This is precisely what digital marketing legend Niel Patel does with each of his videos. 



Summary of Youtube SEO Tips 

Here’s a summary of what we have learned about Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO TOOLS 

  • Google trends  
  • rankingCoach keyword feature
  • Competitor analysis
  • Search terms in Youtube

Choosing The Right Video Topic 

  • Think about your audience: create a description and title that solves a problem users might ask Youtube to answer. Pick keywords that aren’t too narrow or too broad 
  • Make sure your video is chasing the right audience, especially if it’s chasing an established trend and video subject
  •  Check out the competition 
  • Get ideas from good videos and their title and descriptions

Youtube SEO Titles and Descriptions 

  • We need 1 or 2 phrases in the title. Base this title around keywords people are searching for. Use questions or answers if your video offers a solution to a specific problem. 
  • The title must still make sense and draw clicks. It should be no longer than 66 characters long (including spaces)  
  • Make sure that all the terms in the title are there for a reason, why does each word need to be there? If it doesn’t mirror the language of the user or link to a problem or solution they are looking for it probably shouldn’t be there. 
  • The description can be a long as you like. Make sure any questions or keywords you want to be found for are in the description. Consider offering a full transcript of what is said in your video. 
  • Simplify the language so it mirrors the average word choices of a Youtube user
  • Remember these searches often come in the form of a question 
  • Make keyword part of future content ideas creation and planning

We hope this article helps you to get more views and followers. Don’t forget to use rankingCoach FREE to help you find the best SEO keywords and Youtube video topics. 


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