We Improved Our Features to Ensure Your Online Success!

29 Nov, 2018

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Keywords are the basis for all web optimization processes, and a well-positioned website on the internet is, in turn, the basis for online success. That's why rankingCoach now allows you to work with more keywords, improving your visibility for more search terms, at no extra cost!

In the world of online marketing, website positioning in search engines is one of the most important aspects to take into account. This positioning, also known as SEO (search engine optimization), is partially based on adjusting the content of a website. Most often, keywords are the main focus area when boosting your online visibility.

With rankingCoach it’s very easy to work on this aspect of your website in detail and from henceforth you will be able to carry out this optimization with even more search terms! After reviewing what our standard version offered, we have decided to increase the number of keywords to 35, for which you will be shown under optimization tasks of your website. All this, of course, continues to be available in our 14-day free trial offer.

Comparing your business to your geographical area (while still monitoring your competitors) is also very important. Because of that, we have decided to improve these functionalities, making it easier for users to achieve online success. Upgrading our standard version to "Pro" users will now be able to observe their positions in up to 3 different geographical areas.

The application also allowed you to compare your website with your competition’s and observe the positions each of them appears in based on your entered keywords. As of recently, you can compare yourself with up to 5 competitors, substantially increasing what was previously offered.

In short, at rankingCoach, we thought that our users deserve more and better features, and we worked very hard to offer them. Bringing the functionalities of the standard package closer to those of agencies and offering an efficient online marketing plan for any user. All of which is accessible in the free trial so that everyone can get to know the application without any commitment.

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