SEO Content Tips for Your Site from Lennon and McCartney

12 Nov, 2021

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Yesterday, Fresh Content Felt So Far Away


Your business's blog doesn't exactly have the budget of The New York Times or The Rolling Stone, yet every Digital Marketing blog tells you that you need keyword-rich content for your site. This is because the freshness of your site's content is a big ranking factor. If you want to get those top rankings and bring new customers to your website, you need to find a way to create regular keyword-rich content. 

To do this we might need a little help finding inspiration. When it comes to consistently creating great musical content it's hard to find better inspiration than the creative partnership of Paul McCartney and John Lennon of the Beatles. Even if we are all just happy with being the Ringo of content creation, by the end of this article, with a little help from John and Paul you will have some great tips for revolutionizing your SEO content.


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Content Tip 1 Give Your SEO Keywords Help!


Creating great content is not just about cramming as many keywords into content as possible. This is a popular misconception that can lead to content failing to rank at all. Search engines like Google can tell the difference between well-written engaging content and nonsensical keyword spam. 

Those who fall into the trap of keyword stuffing don't just do it because of greed. It is also the result of half-baked content ideas: Many content marketers know that their content needs to be at least a thousand words long to work well for SEO, so they chase the word count and then force the keywords in later. Because they don't think enough about their ideas before they start writing, they end up having to force keywords into their content. If your ideas for content have a more planned-out connection with your keyword choices, you won't need to stuff them in - your keyword will slot into your content.  


Content Tip 2: Make Visitors Want to Hold Your Brand



It's not just about getting the rankings. It is important to remember that in many cases, the optimized content pages are going to be the first impression a customer gets of your business on Google. So even if you are a keyword-smuggling genius who somehow finds a way to rank well on Google with spam, high rankings won't last very long or provide much profit, if your site greets the customers with an Octopus' Garden of word spam.

Remember this landing page is the first impression the visitor gets of your website. We don't want the visitors to feel like they are crashing through the bathroom window; SEO pages must look professional and link to the rest of the site. We want the user to see the logical link between the keywords in your content and what your website is all about.


Content Tip 3: Get Back to Making Content Long 



We can make it much easier to avoid creating spammy content and disappointing our site visitors by changing the relationship between SEO keywords and site content. If we make the keywords and phrases we are optimizing the basis of our ideas for content, it becomes much easier to fit in those keywords and write something that's interesting. Most people are thinking about keywords when they are writing content but mostly in a very narrow way.


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Content Tip 4: I'm So Tired of Boring Content



A site owner who sells Beatles posters might try to optimize for the term 'Beatles Posters', so they decide to write a blog article based around this word. Without looking for inspiration, they might come up with an obvious listicle title like 'Top 5 Beatles Posters of all time'. We all have a good idea of what this article would look like. It may rank well as a one-off article, though a lack of specificity may result in it facing many competing articles. But what should the content writer do when they must write four articles on "Beatles Posters"? By focusing too much on the keyword and product and not enough on the thought process that people use to get this term, we could be putting too much creative pressure on the content writer.


Content Tip 5: A Day in The Life of a Content Writer



What our writer needs is a little more inspiration and variation to shake up content ideas. Lennon also needed to look for inspiration at times, when he wrote A Day In The Life, the catalyst for many of the song's most iconic lyrical themes were newspaper articles: this is where those "four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire" came from. This is something all great creatives do when they need inspiration. They look for an external influence to recast and extend their ideas.

Content Tip 6: A Little Help from Google Trends



We don't need to be musical legends to write great content. Today we have a source of inspiration that has much more creative potential than stories in a newspaper. The content writer looking to write a blog article for 'Beatles Posters'  should head to Google Trends and look at the top related term for 'Beatles poster'

  1. The Beatles - Rockband

  2. Poster- Topic

  3. Decorative poster- Topic

  4. Abbey Road- Studio album by the Beatles

  5. Film poster -Top 


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Content Tip 7: Come Together Over Keywords



Now even if we don't see ourselves as a professional writer, or someone who loves blogging, we can create good content using this inspiration. Let's keep it simple and use the basic top five listicle approach. Here are four ideas off the top of my head with a suggested main title and subtitle to give you an idea of how the article might work.

Keyword Content Idea 1 
H1:Top 5 Beatles Posters of the Band
H2:  Beatles Posters from early days until Abbey Road 

Keyword Content Idea 2 
H1:Top 5 Beatles Posters for decoration 
H2: Using Beatles Posters to give your room that cool 60's vibe

Keyword Content Idea 3
H1: 5 Reasons Why The Abbey Road Beatles Poster is so iconic
H2: From Imposter Paul To That Crossing: The Timeless Beatles Poster

Keyword Content Idea 4
H1: Top 5 Beatles Posters from Beatles Films
H2: Classic Beatles Posters: Hard Day's Night To a Yellow Submarine.

By taking a little more time to explore connections with our chosen keywords we make writing much easier, and ultimately, we create better content. 


SEO Content For The Benefit of Your Website



This additional research may also provide site owners with extra tips for stock choices. In the top trends we see that people are interested in Beatles film posters so we need to make sure that the posters for Yellow Submarine and a Hard Days night are in stock and that their product descriptions are keyword optimized for the phrase 'Beatles film poster'

We also have some new potential SEO keyword targets. According to the rankingCoach keywords tool, Beatles Film gets roughly 390 searches a month in the USA and the term 'Beatles film poster' gets 10 searches a month in the UK and is easy to rank for

At the very least we could create a blog article about Beatles films including these keywords in the content and meta descriptions, but this could have even more potential. Perhaps we need to have an additional product page on our website dedicated to Beatles films which has the term 'Beatles Films' in the URL for an optimal keyword boost. When we take a little time to look into keywords the potential for great content becomes endless. I hope that this article has shown you how easy this can be to imagine! 


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