Low online marketing budgets require Do-It-Yourself solutions

11 Feb, 2015

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According to Search Engine Watch, the current trend for small businesses is best described as being able to spend $500 a month on SEO. A lower budget like that usually isn't sufficient for a larger advertising agency. This presents both agencies and small businesses with a special challenge: There is a lot of awareness and content required for online marketing with specific regards to search engine optimization, but most companies don't have a budget adequately big enough for agencies in their area. What should one do in that case? What level of service can you expect from an agency with only a small budget? Alternatively, what other service opportunities are available for small businesses? 

Do-it-Yourself solutions are the answer 

More and more website owners are taking the more important parts of optimizing their websites into their own hands. Website owners have been very successful with this. A study from Moz shows that up to 15% of local search engine optimization can be done by just by setting up and maintaining your Google My Business account. In addition to local SEO, there are plenty of other areas that have optimization potential a website owner should take advantage of, even if they don't have any previous experience. Some other areas a website owner should pay attention to could be on-page optimization, link building, and having a social media presence. With support from innovative SaaS tools, everyone can easily take the success of their website into their own hands. 

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