How long does it take before you see the results of SEO?

11 Mar, 2019

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The majority of people who try to utilize online marketing for their website have at least heard of the term SEO. Out of those individuals, everyone has attempted to, or is, using it in an attempt to do one thing: get higher rankings on search engines.

As one of the main things that we provide here at rankingCoach, we often hear the question, " How long will it take before I see results?" Continue reading down below to find our answer to this question.

Let's start with how to get these results!

There are three main things to worry about when working towards getting the results that you want. This is content, competition, and link building, each playing different roles in your quest for top rankings on search engines.


Every article you read online about SEO will say that the most important thing in regard to SEO is content. This is due to the process that search engines produce the results. We already explained this topic quite thoroughly in a previous article of ours here but will sum it up quickly again right now.

Search engines use bots to "crawl" your website, looking at all of the content and then "indexing" it on their servers. So when a user searches for something, it pulls up what it finds to be the most helpful via the information it has indexed. This is why the quality of your content is so important.


The next thing that affects your ability to rise through the rankings of search engines is your competitors. If there is a company with similar products or services that are working on its SEO, then it can be even more difficult to reach the top(especially if it is physically located within close proximity).

There are a few ways to combat this though
, for instance, a niche that separates your business from theirs. Maybe your clothes are made from recycled materials, or everything you serve is made from potatoes. Whatever it may be, there is one thing that is necessary: consistency. Do not give up on SEO and keep implementing changes that are beneficial to your ranking.

Link building

In regard to what affects how quickly visible changes in results occur, this is definitely up there with content. Link building is something every website should work on, not just to improve search engine rankings. When there is a link to your website from another one, whether it is inside an article or via any other means, it is another place from where people can view and travel to your website.

When looking for ways to gain links, you eventually will come by an option that many people use. Trading links with other websites is a great way to develop content and form a relationship with the other website owner. There is one thing to keep in mind though: when a search engine sees you are gaining links, you must make sure it isn't too many too quickly. Spread it out and constantly work at it, making it more natural.

In the end how long does this take?

Now that you have seen three of the key factors that affect how long it will be before results become apparent, this will be easier to understand. Here at rankingCoach, we cannot say when your website will reach the top, but our experts do have a range of when you should start seeing results. If you are committed and work hard at it using the methods above, you should start to see real changes within the first 60-90 days. We wish we could give an exact number but we cannot, SEO isn't a science, it is an art.

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