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28 Aug, 2019

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The origins of Google Ads 

Google Ads has made Alphabet one of the largest companies on the planet. Its tools are used by businesses in every sector from all over the world. Paid ads have made it possible for enterprises to achieve global visibility on search engines in just a few days. 

The Beginnings of Google Ads 

Google's ad service began in 2000 under another name: Google Adwords. This isn't the only thing that has changed since then.

The tools have also undergone many visual and structural changes: The introduction of placement-targeted advertisements in 2003, the addition of remarketing Lists in 2015, and the recent edition of TrueView are just a few examples. Some services like Google Click-to-Call have even come and gone in this time. 

The Start of The Partner Program

As Google's services have become more popular, important, and complex, a growing need has emerged for education and certification.

The Google Premier Partners program has brought a well-needed seal of quality to the world of search engine marketing. It has made it much easier for businesses looking to get the most from Google Ads to identify true experts in the field and to avoid BlakHat and ineffective Search Engine Marketing activities. 

The Google Premier Partners program has established comprehensive channels for the education and assessment of Google Ads service providers. The net result has been an overall improvement in the quality of the services provided by Google Ads experts.

How To Join The Google Partnership Program 

Only Advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals who demonstrate the required knowledge, skills, and business experience of Google's search engine marketing tools are eligible to become Google Partners and Google Premier Partners

Why Should A Company Choose to be a Premier Partner?

Companies who wish to become Google Premier Partners must commit themselves to continuous learning and development as well as demonstrating impressive growth as a business.

This takes both commitment and measured consideration, but the result is a seal of quality that attracts customers and collaborators; a beacon signifying professional expertise in search engine marketing. 

Google Partner vs Google Premier Partner

Google has a two-tier system for its partnership badges. First, we have the blue Google partner badge do get this, your company must:

- Have at least 1 user certified in Google Ads with admin or standard access

- Have met the 90-day minimum ad spend of $10,000 USD across their managed accounts 

- Demonstrated healthy business activity

- Have met performance requirements by showing overall growth of revenue and customer base

Then we have the top badge for Google Premier Partners who have demonstrated an exceptional level of growth and expertise and have multiple experts certified in using Google Ads. This is the Google Premier Partners badge. As you might have guessed, rankingCoach has a Google Premier Partner badge. 

If you wish to get this accreditation for your company you will have to complete the tests set by Google as well as having a minimum ad spend above $10,000 the exact amount varies from country to country. 

Google Premier Partner Display of Quality

Businesses with the Google Premier Partner badge gain the right to display it on their site. It is a sign of quality to customers. It represents a company's proven knowledge and success in digital marketing that goes above and beyond that of standard Google Partners.

The Premier Partners badge is a mark of assurance. Customers know that Google Premier Partners are always up to date with the latest developments in Google Ads. 

This is because Google Premier Partners are regularly trained and reassessed. They also have a special line of contact with Google, so they know the latest developments in SEM through executive training and attendance of exclusive Google events

Why Use a Google Premier Partner?

Perhaps you are a small or medium-sized business that now has the budget to go a step further than SEO, or an aspiring young entrepreneur with a short amount of time to get your product out there before it goes out of fashion or out of date.

A key part of search engine marketing is Pay-per-click. Businesses use Pay-per-click as part of an effective search engine marketing campaign for a variety of reasons but time and budget are always key motivating factors.

PPC is an extremely useful digital marketing channel for companies with short-term marketing objectives. Once a campaign has been set up, Ads will become visible within days. Though this comes at a price because the advertiser must pay an auction price for each clickthrough they get to their site.

This is why digital marketing novices find PPC campaigns daunting and potentially very expensive: A poorly formulated PPC campaign could encourage click-throughs from visitors with no interest in a website’s products and services. Too many of these types of visitors will use up a site’s marketing budget very quickly, with little or no value-added. 

This is why it is of vital importance that SME and PPC supported by the expert knowledge of Google Premier Partners.

Digital Marketing Software from A Google Premier Partner 

rankingCoach Ads is a digital marketing application designed by a Google Premier Partner. It empowers users to constantly track their budget and the effectiveness of their PPC campaigns. 

It guides the user step by step through the process of creating an effective Pay-Per-Click campaign supported by an Ads Keyword application and regular status reports. rankingCoach Ads empowers the user to get the very best out of AdWords, whilst always staying within budget. 

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