Digital Marketing Tips of The Month

01 Nov, 2016

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Digital Marketing Tips of The Month 

Here is your rundown of the best tips and tricks for Digital Marketing shared last month on rankingCoach's social media channels

#1 Convert your website URL from HTTP to HTTPS to encrypt its data and provide greater security

HTTPS websites are much more secure than HTTP websites. This makes them safer for your customers to use and vital for your SEO rankings. A HTTP website will be scaring away visitors without the site owner even realizing: HTTP sites in Google chrome have "Not Secure" written next to their URL whereas HTTPS websites display a padlock. 

2# Power words like simple, fast, free, guaranteed, for your meta-titles

Many of these words are often used on search engines. They can also make up key parts of Long Tail Keywords.

3# Efficient SEO is based on the 4 factors of the COLT principle: 

Content, Optimization, Links and Time. rankingCoach's application and blog can help you with the first three, but you may have to use a little of your own time.

4# Always use expressive headlines and descriptions that bring your topic to the point immediately and make readers "want more”

This is especially important for meta titles and meta descriptions, where it's not just important to have high keyword volume, we also need to make sure that our content draws the reader in by giving them a good idea of the interesting topic we are talking about. 

5# Your keyword should match your target group so that users find what they expect and are looking for on your site

This tip is especially important for site owners chasing high search volumes by mixing their keywords with popular topics. Being creative with content is good but we should avoid spamming keywords or creating content that is too loosely connected. 

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