6 Effective Strategies for Your Online Shop

23 Jul, 2019

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As an online merchant, you ask yourself the question: How can I increase my online sales? This requires the development of an online marketing strategy. We provide you with simple and useful strategies that you can quickly implement. Follow our guide to selling online effectively but also to adapt e-commerce trends to your shop!  

Keep an eye on mobile sales 

Finding information, comparing products, discovering new brands, getting inspired, or even making a purchase decision, Internet users are increasingly turning to mobile. In addition, this medium is increasingly used for proximity research (to find physical shops near their location) and finding products to buy offline. 

It is, therefore, necessary to think about new ways of buying from consumers and to offer a successful mobile shopping experience. Therefore, make sure that your online shop is responsive. 

Build customer loyalty 

The acquisition of new customers is not always easy. This is why it is essential to create and implement a commitment and loyalty strategy. Try to build customer loyalty by offering them: 

- A personalized experience

- Support and advice

- A newsletter that explains the advantages of your shop, new products or to join you on your social media channels

- An overview of the offers available throughout the year

- A small gift in shipped packages

You can also value them by offering them private sales (or a special offer) for example. You can also "pamper" them with any other small benefit, a free delivery, or an overview of the next collection. A little tip: Highlight useful information at the top of your shop such as free 

delivery from a certain amount, a telephone number where you can be reached or the time they have to exchange or return the goods.  


Personalize your newsletters 

Here is an interesting figure: 33% of Internet users have already bought a product after seeing it in an e-mail sent by the brand. Newsletters remain a good way to keep in touch with your customers. They can be used before the sales to remind customers of upcoming events such as mother's day, practical information (payment and delivery methods, returns, etc.), present new products, highlight bestsellers, discounts, and good deals. 50% of consumers consider that newsletters are a good way to keep in touch with a brand. So why deprive your customers of it? Customize your emails to capture your customers' attention and provide them with relevant information about your products to set yourself apart from your competitors.  

Monitor your competitors' strategies  

Many Internet users compare prices on different sites to find the best offers. It can therefore be useful to monitor your competitors to get an idea of what is being done in terms of trends, reductions, upcoming events, and product releases.   

Focus on reactivity  

In order to maximize your conversions, it is essential to rethink your online strategy. It is about being ready to intervene at key moments in your client's navigation to solve a problem, propose a reduction or provide advice. Answering the questions of Internet users is very important: For instance, they may ask you for information about the availability of a product, payment and delivery methods. In addition, 42% of potential customers abandon their shopping cart if delivery is not free. So, why not offer free delivery over a certain amount or a certain number of products?   
Communicate with your users 

Attracting the attention of your customers is essential. To promote your discounts and your new products, take out your toolbox! Here are our tips:

Be active on ​social networks​: you can publish images, videos, examples of promotions, or interact with your followers by asking them questions, organizing games, and contests, publishing a countdown ("Only 3 days until our event"). Feel free to organize special events such as the anniversary of the opening of your store, the arrival of spring, sales, etc...

Communicate these events directly ​in your shop​: you can add banners and logos, while of course respecting your corporate design. 

Have fun selling online!

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