10 Benefits of Web Push Notifications

24 Jan, 2019

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First off, what are Web Push Notifications?

These are clickable messages that pop up once a user has subscribed to receive them from a website. Most often short, the messages get the subscriber's attention right away, letting them know about the update instantly. Although push notifications are usually correlated with mobile apps, they can be used by any website owner to interact with their audiences.

Below are 10 of the benefits you hold to gain from using these as a new marketing  resource:

1. Available for Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari – Making up over 80% of the market, you can reach about 8 out of every 10 users with notifications.

2. Extremely quick to make quality notifications for – Due to the notification size, the text and images must be small and to the point, taking very little time to complete.

3. Encourage actions with offers, values, bids, or any other type of incentives – In the notification itself, you can present the time of sale or even a discount code.

4. Easy to manage without much tech knowledge – Inputting media for the notifications is simple, decide what you want to say and send!

5. No fake contact info – Don't waste time sending offers to people who leave false contact information by not requiring it at all.

6. Easy to set up – Using a push notification provider, it is extremely simple to get these started.

7. Companies without apps can reach mobile users – As long as users subscribe for the notifications on your website, they can be contacted regardless of the device they are using.

8. Lower cost than SMS & Email, with better media support – Compared to sending messages or emails, the cost is quite low, and is much nicer to look at.

9. Timers can be set - Mornings/Nights depending on when you want to reach subscribers – A perfect example would be, sending one the day before a holiday for all of those last-minute shoppers.

10. Re-engage users with no data required, making them more likely to sign up 
– Take advantage of the fact that no email or personal data is needed to reach your customers.

These are only a small number of the many benefits to be had from using web push notifications. They are a really interesting way to interact with your customer base, and studies have proven they work really well.

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