The importance of aesthetics in an email marketing software

29 Nov, 2019

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What Is The Influence of A Brand's Aesthetics In Terms of Conversion? 

To what extent can the visual appeal persuade someone to choose one product over another? 

Ancient philosophers stated that what was beautiful was necessarily good and true. Does that theory also ring true in terms of marketing? Does one's subconscious establish a connection between those virtues? 

A recent study indicates that we generate an emotional response after being exposed to a mobile ad in less than 1 second. From a commercial perspective, it is interesting to understand which factors will influence this emotional response. Subsequently, we may be able to better understand the mental process behind the decision of purchasing something. 

In the past, experts have studied the impact of design and colors symbology over the perception we have of a brand/product. More recently, it has been asserted that companies that invest more in design are more likely to increase their conversion rates. 

In this article, we will address the importance of creating an attractive newsletter with your email marketing software, in order to increase your efficiency. And how you can achieve excellent results if you use the right platform, one that provides you with a wide gallery of stunning templates and a powerful and sophisticated email editor. 

An email marketing software with a wide range of templates to help you stand out

Your message must be coherent, in both form and content. What is your sector of activity? Tourism, real estate market? Would you like to send a newsletter to celebrate a special date, such as the likes of Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve? In Mailify you will find an extensive gallery of stunning, mobile-friendly templates, designed by some of the best professionals in the field. 

With a sleek design and a user-friendly layout, they can play a decisive role in increasing your email marketing conversion rate. In case that none of these newsletter templates correspond to what you are looking for, you can also create one from scratch with the help of a powerful email editor. 

This email editor has been designed with two main objectives in mind: graphical refinement, and usability. Since we cannot ask everybody to have knowledge of HTML and CSS, the idea was to have an editor that could enable anyone to create a newsletter that stands out. The drag-and-drop editor is ideal for those who prefer to avoid all the complexities that come with editing. 

Every element of your newsletter is easily customizable: style, graphics, borders, spacing, colours, typography, headers, pre-headers. You should bear in mind that the smallest thing can make a difference. 

Take the example of the pre-header. Often neglected in email marketing, this element has the potential to enhance the impact of your email subject line. With the help of a modern email marketing software, you can easily increase its relevance by inserting a customizable field.

Another matter of vital importance is the adaptation to responsive design.

If you take into account that currently about half of a campaign's open rate occurs on mobile devices, you will realize it has become essential to use mobile-friendly templates. According to a recent Forbes study, 54% of online sales will be processed via mobile devices by 2021. 

Tools for Analyzing The Aesthetics of Your Email

Most likely you are not reaching the full potential of your email marketing. Nothing to feel guilty about, considering that only after a series of attempts and mistakes you may get to a winning formula. However, there are also email marketing software that provides you with some very efficient resources, in the form of statistical reports, that will make everything easier for you. I will refer to two features in particular: 

1. The Heatmap is a feature that allows you to distinguish the most clickable areas from the least clickable in an email. The interpretation of the results is very easy and intuitive because they come in the shape of a color gradient. 

2. Eyetracking predicts how an email will be read by your recipients and which elements will attract the most attention. It also gives a score on the use of colors, balance and clarity, and elaborates reports regarding the opacity level of your email, for example.  

Duarte Queiros, marketing professional at Mailify.

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