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04 Oct, 2018

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rankingCoach made waves at CMS Summit Orlando this year

ne of our top business developers Nikolay Nedev was invited as a special guest.

Aside from our representative from rankingCoach, there were many other big names as well, from InterNetX, Joomla, GoDaddy, and others. All attendees partook in the many offered discussions and speeches, ranging from front-end design to privacy and accessibility. Of the many topics featured at CMS Summit 2018, our expert had the amazing experience of being a panel speaker and gave a speech about two very interesting topics: digital marketing in 2018 and SAAS for newly formed startups, detailing what they need to do to become successful.

 Both topics were well received by his peers, showing interest in his expertise even after his role in the conference was finished. Especially of interest were his insights into the past year for digital marketing, what the future will look like, and why it is so exciting. He filled everyone with curiosity about rankingCoach’s vision of making online marketing affordable and accessible for anybody.

Overall, CMS Summit was an amazing event, filled with the best of the best! If you didn’t have time to meet part of the rankingCoach crew this year, you can rest assured that you will see us at the next one.

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