Meet Our Customers - Maurice Parisien

06 Jun, 2019

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Here in this section, we like to reach out to our many happy customers and ask them what they like most about using rankingCoach. Today we are proud to introduce Maurice Parisien, founder of the amazing charity Sneakers With Soul!

Please introduce yourself, your company and what you do! 

My name is Maurice Parisien, founder and president of Sneakers with Soul, a 501(c)3 organization originally founded in 2010 as an outreach mission ministry of my church, Manchester UMC in Manchester, MO.  Sneakers with Soul provides new, high-quality brand name sneakers/athletic shoes to under-resourced children and youth living in poverty.  The focus of our resourcing is for kids in grades K - 12.


How did the idea for Sneakers With Soul come about?  

Sneakers with Soul came about as an outreach ministry of my church.  The concept for the ministry was the brainchild of Maurice Parisien.  Sneakers with Soul become a standalone 501(c)3 in October 2017.


Do you have any plans to expand the charity into other cities or states? 

Yes, our Board of Directors has approved a 5-year strategic plan to expand Sneakers with Soul beyond St. Louis to additional major markets in the midwest in the next 3 years and further national expansion to other major markets across the U.S. by 2023.


How did you first hear about rankingCoach? 

I found rankingCoach in an internet search and compared its features to other similar offerings.  I found rankingCoach to offer similar or superior features and functionality at a fraction of the cost to competing services.  


How has rankingCoach helped your business? 

Sneakers with Soul has been able to continuously improve its organic SEO performance by following the tips offered by rankingCoach.


Thank you, Maurice!

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