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04 Jul, 2019

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We are proud to present this amazing guest article by digital marketing agency, EvokeDigital X!

Why SEO is Important For Small Business 


The Internet has taken today's world to a whole new level. We are in an era where people browse the internet to buy their favorite products and services online. Gone are the days when marketers and companies had to spend lots of time, money, and resources on promoting their products and services. Nowadays, easy access to the internet around the world has brought customers and companies to the same platform. Today the marketers can promote to their customers easily and have given small businesses a chance to come face to face with bigger companies, as a result, bigger companies fear competition from smaller businesses. 

With the invention of marketing methods using a digital process such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), small businesses are able to rise up to the top of the mountain without requiring much investment. SEO and other areas of digital marketing even though considered complex and time-consuming by some, can be easy and rewarding if brought into practice properly. Many marketers consider digital marketing as the ultimate secret hack that can help small businesses rise up to the top. Nowadays customers crawl their way through search engines in order to find things that are interesting and useful to them. They ravish the search engines to find the product or services which satisfy their requirements. Many surveys and studies have revealed that more than 80% of the customers just check the first page of the search engine results. Only a handful approximately 20% of them browse over to the other pages of the search engine results. Every company big or small wants to be ranked on the first page of any search engine to attract the attention of that 80% of browsers. The first page of search engines is a battlefield for any marketers and any companies and in order to win the battle, marketers have to use SEO effectively.


What Is SEO and why it is important


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered to be a simple set of different rules, helps to optimize website such that they can appear at the top of the search engine results. Thousands of companies offer the same products and services similar to each other which makes it a very competitive marketing league, and most of the marketers use various digital marketing strategies to improve their rankings on search engines. Some use organic methods while others use paid methods and many uses a combination of both. But the main goal of companies is to achieve a ranking on the first page of a search engine result page, to attract their customers and prospects attention.


5 SEO Methods Companies Are Using


1)  Adequate Keyword Research - These are the sets of words which customers use to search for the products and services they are interested to buy. These specific set of words are keywords, which every company wants to know in order to attract the attention of their customers or prospects.  The first step in implementing SEO is finding relevant keywords. It's a big challenge for any company to find perfect keywords to lure their customers and prospects and to avoid competition from their rivals.


2) Producing Great Content - Writing content for a business website is a continuous process. The content needs to be refreshed from time-to-time. And that's what successful companies do. Many successful companies improve the content on their website once every six months in order to stick at the top? Writing blogs for the website is another way to improve the website ranking for search engine.


3) Using Social Media- Do you know that an average person checks out his/her phone about 80 times a day in order to scroll social media newsfeed? And that's what various companies take advantage of. With the help of various social media channels and effective SEO utilization, they are able to generate a buzz about their business.


4) Writing Strong Headlines - The secret to attracting the customers, at first sight, is by coming up with attractive headlines. And what's more important is writing headlines consisting of valid appropriate keywords.


5) Correct Page Descriptions- With the help of effective SEO keywords, the huge successful organizations are able to attract the eyes of customers as well as improve their search engine results by writing an out-of-the-box page description. For better ranking, every page should have a meta description or snippet. The images must include an Alt tag. These are a few important things which some companies forget to describe in their website.


How SEO Helps In Generating Local Leads For Small Business


SEO is a powerful technique to attract prospects and customers. Though SEO sounds like a complicated process, it is an effective way to improve rankings for local search. For any company, a proper SEO digital marketing strategy, along with its perfect execution, is considered to be really crucial.


Why Small Businesses Need Help With SEO?


Every business needs to implement SEO so as not to only increase website traffic, but also to help to convert the leads. SEO is dynamic in nature, it changes whenever search engines adjust their algorithms, hence like any other company, small businesses need a long-term SEO strategy for better results. Many small businesses try to implement an SEO strategy on their own because they don't want to invest in resources or external agency, but most small businesses will fail to do this correctly. SEO is crucial for the growth of the small businesses but small businesses don't possess enough knowledge about the concept in order to implement it perfectly. And that's the main reason why small businesses require help with the SEO part.


About EvokeDigital X

EvokeDigital X is a digital marketing agency based in Silicon Valley, California, USA. It specializes in SEO, social media marketing, E-mail marketing and PPC. EvokeDigital X helps small businesses to fulfil their digital marketing needs.

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