expertCoach - Davide De Guz

24 Jun, 2019

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Welcome to another edition of expertCoach! This week, we talk to the founder of the link management tool Rebrandly, Davide De Guz for his thoughts on general digital marketing-related topics!

Please introduce yourself, your company, and what you do!

My name is Davide de Guz and I'm the founder of Rebrandly- the URL shortener and industry-leading link management solution. We empower organizations to create and share short URLs with a custom domain name- featuring their brand. 


What aspect of link management do you believe is the most important?

Ownership and control. Every link you share online should be considered a company asset because it's one of the main touch-points between you and your customers. But when you share links with someone else's domain (which is what happens when you use a generic URL shortener), you're not in control of those assets. Link management is about giving people control of their links.


How has the online marketing scene in Ireland grown over the past few years?

For tech companies, Ireland used to be a hub for sales and support. But the online marketing scene has really started to boom in the past couple of years, which is evident from the number of marketing conferences and events being held in Dublin. We contribute to this by hosting our own meetup called Online Marketing Dublin, where we invite the local marketing community to come and hear from brands like LinkedIn, SEMrush, and Hubspot about important online marketing tips and techniques. 


In your time in online marketing, what is one lesson that you have learned?

The lesson I've learned is that everything is measurable. It's not enough to rely solely on intuition- it's definitely important, but you also need to measure results to make sure you're heading in the right direction. 


What challenges do you believe the online marketing industry faces going forward?

I think the biggest challenge the online marketing industry faces is scalability. It's not always easy to scale a campaign or a technique- you need to make sure you're using the right automation tools in certain areas if you want to scale. 


How much of a role do you believe AI will play in the future of online marketing?

I believe that AI will help a great deal in automating the tasks of online marketers, but it won't replace the creativity and techniques needed to reach and communicate with potential customers. 


Thank you,  Davide!

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